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Harness the power of your breath to reduce stress, improve health, increase endurance & enhance focus!
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Breath App That Has It All

Explore Expert Advice

Learn about breathing practice techniques from experts on the web right from the App.

Runs on Multiple Devices

Learn about breathing practice techniques from experts on the web right from the App.

Key Features

Create Custom Routines

Users can create fully custom routines by dialing in the four phases of the breath to get the perfect breathing rate and duration.

Available across Devices

The breatheX App is designed to run on the full range of Apple devices. Currently iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch (Mac coming soon!)

Set Goals & Track Progress

Create a daily breathing practice: set daily goals, schedule reminders, measure and then track your progress over time.

Easy to Use

Users may choose from a wide assortment of well crafted routines organized by categories and simply select, review and play.

Access Expert Advice

Familiar intuitive controls packaged in the popular dark mode aesthetic make for a pleasant soothing user experience.

Integrate with Health App

Integrates with Apple's Health App to track Mindful Minutes and when used in conjunction with Apple Watch it also tracks HR data.
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Nollem me tamen laudandis maioribus meis corrupisti. Torquatos nostros quos.
Experience the power of conscious breathing in a beautifully designed easy to use Breath Exercise App.
Download breatheX™ Basic
  • Beautiful, Well Organized, Intuitive, "Dark Mode" UX
  • Many Pre-made Breath Exercise Routines
  • Create unlimited fully custom single step routines
  • Set goals, measure and track progress over time
  • Direct access to wide set of breath resources on the web
  • Available on iPhone, iPad & Mac
  • Syncs across devices with ICloud
Dozens of pre-made routines. Create and edit custom personalized multi-step routines. Also includes companion Apple Watch App!
Download  breatheX™ Pro
  • All the same great features of breatheX™ Basic, Plus...
  • Dozens of well-crafted breathing exercises organized by convenient categories
  • Edit and create fully customized multi-step breathing routines
  • Automatically syncs all routines with the Apple Watch App
  • Collects HR data during practice sessions done on the Apple Watch
  • Enhanced tracking/reporting of practice session results including starting / ending HR, HR graphs and journaling
Cloud storage/backup of user data shared across devices and available via the web. Access to new routines/soundsets.
Coming Soon
  • Allows unlimited storage of user practice logs and custom routines
  • Realtime syncing of data with across all user devices
  • Practice data can be shared with a coach via the web
  • Full access to the latest custom routines and soundsets
  • Great Support and App Upgrades

Users love breatheX™

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Average App Store Review
“breatheX has opened up a new world of health and well-being for me. I pay close attention to getting enough exercise and eating well because I want to live a healthy life. breatheX helps me pay closer attention to a vital component of living well - each and every breath I take. Thank you breatheX!”
"Who knew that my life could change by learning how to breathe correctly and practicing daily. While using breatheX I feel like I'm learning how to really breathe for the first time in my life and conscious breathing practice can be incredibly calming."
"Great app, lots of breathing options and styles along with the capability of customizing each breath option to your level and need. You can customize the sounds as well. Just a totally well thought-out app that makes for a great breath coach."
If you’re looking for an app to help improve your breathing, and help foster a sense of calm and relaxation, this is the app to go with. The user interface and the music are absolutely beautiful and help entrain the mind to relax, and breath more easily. The exercise tools help you to strengthen your lungs, so you can breathe better, more efficiently, and with much less effort. I have asthma, and also have a low red blood cell count, so breathing for me can really be hard at times, especially on exertion. And I have tried numerous apps to help with my condition, but this one works the best, it helps me to be more mindful, and reduce stress too. Big thumbs up.
"Whether you are doing a yogic practice to center yourself for the day ahead or drifting off with one of the relaxation routines in the evening breatheX is the only app I’ll use. Easy to use, relaxing, and purposeful."
"A full Breath can accentuate Balance and Health no matter how rough the ends."

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