Dec. 15, 2020

BREATHEX Version 1.0

PRO Features
In addition to all the features found in the BASIC version of BREATHEX the PRO version includes dozens of pre-made routines, full editing capability allows creation of fully custom routines that meet users individual needs and Apple Watch companion App that automatically syncs with the iPhone to access all the latest routines as well as send practice logs (including heart rate data) back to the phone for review and progress tracking.
BASIC Features
BREATHEX BASIC is a fully featured breathing exercise App that contains a variety to pre-made practice routines and also allows users to create their own. Users are guided by a visual animation, user selectable soundsets and or haptic feebcack during practice sessions. Users can set daily goals / reminders, and review practice / test logs to track progress over time. The App integrates with the Health App.

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