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How to Play a Routine
How can I Preview / Change a soundset?
Can I add my own soundset?
No, there is no way to add your own sounds, however you could turn off audio feedback and then use your own soundtrack while doing a practice session.
How do I review Practice Logs?
How can I view heart rate data?
You will only see heart rate data if you have breatheX Pro and are using an Apple Watch to do a practice routine. This data appears in the Session Log when you click on a particular day to see all the sessions that were completed. See How to Review Practice Logs video above...
How can I create a routine?
Why are there four phases to a breath pattern setting?
We generally think of the breath as a simple Inhale and Exhale but ancient Yoga practitioners realized that there can be pauses after the Inhale or Exhale. These are often referred to as a Retain and Sustain respectively. These Retain and Sustain pauses can be set to zero if desired whereas the Inhale and Exhale phases can be set to a minimum of 1 second each.
How can I edit an existing routine?
You will need breatheX Pro to edit existing routines. The Pro version allows full editing of all existing multi-step Routines as well as creation of new ones. See below:
How do I set a target Breaths Per Minute (BPM) for a Practice Session?
When you are creating / editing a pattern there are two ways to set a target BPM. The first is by adjusting the breath intervals such as 5 second Inhale and 5 second Exhale. This would yield a 6 breaths per minute BMP result since a full breath would take 10 seconds. If you were to increase the Exhale to 7 seconds it would yield a BPM of 5 breaths per minute. However their is another way to dial in a very specific BPM for a practice session. After you have set the Inhale, Retain, Exhale and Sustain settings in whatever pattern you want (lets say a 2-1-2-1 pattern) then you can use the plus and minus buttons next to the donut chart to dial in the specific BPM that you desire (such as 5.5 BPM) with precision while keeping the overall ratios the same. This provides unparalleled precision when dialing in a practice routine that will provide just the right amount of challenge based on your current capabilities. See the FAQ/video above on How To Create a Routine if you need more help.
How do I set up daily goals and reminders?
What is the difference between the Basic and Pro versions?
The Basic version allows you to select from an assortment of pre-made practice routines. You can preview / change a soundset and play the routine and you can create your own single step routines.

The Pro version provides a wider assortment of pre-made routines. Allows you to fully edit/customize multi-step routines. You also get a Watch Companion App that automatically syncs with the iPhone to access new / updated routines and then sends practice log data (including heart rate) back to the iPhone for tracking and review of progress.
What are the minimum requirements for breatheX?
iPhones / iPads running iOS 14 or later. Apple Watch running WatchOS 7 or later.
Is breatheX available on the Mac?
Yes! Both breatheX and breatheX Pro are available thru the Mac AppStore and because your data is stored in your iCloud account the App automatically syncs routines, settings and practice logs with the iOS and Apple Watch versions of the App.

If you are currently on a Mac here is a link:
Is breatheX available on Apple TV?
Not yet, however you can run it on an iPhone or iPad and then use Airplay to display the App on a big screen which is handy if you want to do some yoga or stretching while doing practice routines. Try screen mirroring to the Apple TV and then rotate the iPhone screen into a horizontal mode while doing a practice session.
PRactice TIPS
How do I find out more about proper breathing techniques?
Check out the WebLinks tab in the App for a list of useful resources that are available on the web. These include videos, podcasts and website articles. This curated list is constantly growing!
How much should I practice?
Most breath coaches will recommend daily practice, preferably 2 or 3 times / day with each session lasting at least 5 minutes. Obviously spending more time will yield greater benefits and will help create good habits. You can set Daily Goals in 5 min increments and the App will suggest how to break that up into 3 convenient sessions.
Is there any risk in doing breath work?
Doing slow gently breathing is generally safe for everyone. However if you have any conditions or concerns it is best that you consult with your medical practitioner. Doing breath Holds and or doing more aggressive rapid breathing exercises is NOT recommended if you are pregnant, or suffer from hypertension or anxiety conditions. When in doubt SEEK ADVICE!
What does CP / BOLT mean?
These terms used interchangeably, refer to a breath hold time that indicates CO2 sensitivity or ventilatory response. CP stands for Control Pause and BOLT stands for Blood Oxygen Level Tolerance. Regardless of what it is called it is generally measured by doing a normal gentle inhale and exhale and then holding after the exhale until there is the first real urge to breathe. There is a built in timer in the App that will allow you to measure this on a regular basis and your goal should be to increase this "score" over time since it serves as a good indicator of health and fitness.
Video Explaing Control Pause
What is a good breathing rate or BPM?
There is general consensus that a slower breathing rate, somewhere around 5-6 breaths per minute (BPM) is ideal for most individuals when at rest. This may vary somewhat based on physical size and age but that is why many of the pre-made routines use this range. As you become more practiced this rate can slow even further which indicates a higher tolerance for CO2 which is a good thing! Check out this article for more info.
Breathe Jounal Article

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