breatheX Version 1.x now Available...

The breatheX App was officially released on December 15, 2020. Largely a product of COVID, due to  plenty extra free time and a bit of boredom! All kidding aside, this App was born out of the realization that regular breathing practice can be a "Game Changer" and a realization that the apps that were out there did not adequately provide a great combination of ease of use, power/flexibility and platform avaialbity for someone who was serious. So we built it!

breatheX is arguably the most powerful/flexible breathing app ever created and it uses a simple/elegant user interface that is both easy to use and runs across a host of devices including iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. It is even available for use on the new Apple M1 Macs and on AppleTV using Airplay!

The App comes loaded with dozens of pre-made multi-step breathing routines from a variety of experts and the PRO version allows all of these to be completely cloned/edited/customized to suit a users particular needs/preferences. The PRO version also comes with an Apple Watch App that automatically syncs with any changes made on the iPhone and allows for hands free practice sessions that even collect heart rate data and send it back to the iPhone for review/analysis.

Both the BASIC and PRO versions allow users to set goals and reminders, do tests and track results over time and even keep a breath journal! Both versions of the App also provide access to a wide variety of expert breathing advice from right within the App via weblinks to videos, books and articles.

AND this is ONLY the BEGINNING... the breatheX team has many more exciting features planned so get started with breatheX and "Harness the Power of your Breath" today!

December 15, 2020